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LOK: You are the loneliest number

Title: You are the loneliest number
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,858
Warnings: Spoilers for Book 1, drowning and blood.
Summary: On a lonely beach, Korra faces her demons. Spirit World-esque. A metaphor for dealing with inner pain. Takes place before Korra returns to Republic City in Book 4. Written for Korra Appreciation Week.

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Notes: For A. Who's been through a lot of shit together with me. What matters most is we survived.

The Tomorrow Series: Long Exposure

Title: Long Exposure
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,126
Spoilers: For the entire Tomorrow Series and the Ellie Chronicles
Disclaimer: The Tomorrow Series and its characters belong to John Marsden.
Summary: One-shot. On the seventh anniversary of the war's end, a photographer documents how lives have moved on. Or not.

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Notes: This is a very old short story that was written in January 2012 for the tomorrow_fans community on LJ, as part of my three fics per fandom promise. (Fun fact: 2 out of 3 of my TBTWB fics are about photography). Sorry I took so long to upload this!
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Claymore: Magnificat

Title: Magnificat
Characters: Clarice & Miata, with a cameo by Father Vincent
Rating: T
Word Count: 502
Warnings: Biblical references that may not be up your alley. Spoilers for manga chapters 138-140.
Summary: Clarice prepares Miata for battle as Rabona falls.

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Notes: Written for the Claymore Short Story Project on Tumblr. 
Soi Fon

Bleach: Gymnastics

Title: Gymnastics
Characters: Yoruichi and Sui Feng
Rating: T
Word Count: 887
Warnings: Some F/F. Spoilers for the Soul Society and Winter War arc.

Summary: You mount, twist, bend over backwards, fall and get up again - Yoruichi and Sui Feng in ten movements.

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NOTES: It took a long time to write this. The inspiration for this idea came about during the Olympics: in particular, watching the mentor-student friendship between Russian gymnasts Alinya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova. Or maybe I was just reading too much into things. But from that came every gymnastics metaphor required for this.
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My Heart is a weapon the size of your photograph (Part 2)

Title: My Heart is a weapon the size of your photograph (1/2)
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,183 (part 2) & 4,138 (total)

Summary: Speculative fiction/ urban fantasy. A life for a war. A photograph for a friend. Just before he ends his National Service, Navin is sent to the rebels to negotiate for the release of a fellow servicewoman. But with the war still raging, all he has to give him hope is a photograph she gave him years ago. 

[Read Part 1]

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NOTES: This short story was prompted by a short, sad episode. It was fun writing about NS again, even though this story is more wistful fantasy than reality. (For the record, if my country's female population had to serve national service, I don't doubt they will outperform the males in terms of physical endurance, achievement and meeting the mark when they are called to it).

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My heart is a weapon the size of your photograph (Part 1)

Title: My Heart is a weapon the size of your photograph (1/2)
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,930 (Part 1)

Summary: Speculative fiction/ urban fantasy. Singapore in a not-so-distant future is at war, and all National Servicemen/women are called to serve the country. With one of his fellow NSFs held hostage by the enemy, Navin is posted to be a negotiator in a deal that could end the conflict. There, he has to find out how much is one NSF's life really worth.

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NOTES: Mixing fantasy and NS experience (or what I can recall of it). There's also a short, very relevant story as to why I wrote this.


Budding Writers League

As of February 2012, I have joined and begun posting my work at the Budding Writers League (BWL). The League is the online front for "a community-based, non-profit organisation set up to promote interaction, support and learning between writers in Singapore".

The fact that it's local and run by locals, is what attracted me to it. My work is posted under a familiar nickname: shelter.

In the interest of not doubling posting and maintaining a separate presence on both sites, I will not cross-post everything from BWL onto Hikayat Fiction and vice versa. BWL is for my smaller pieces, more fragments and pieces of random fiction. Hikayat Fiction has always been my unofficial portfolio online, and home to all my fanfiction, short stories and possibly, a novel.

But I'm still figuring out what to do with this community. Talks to get other writers to co-host stuff here never got off the ground, and I might want to convert this into a personal journal instead. Expect there to be more activity and change here in the future as I sort out my involvement posting at BWL and here.

It was the Music that made us (Tatsuki)


This story is 2 months overdue.

Title: DSLR
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,991
[The Tomorrow Series]/ [Tomorrow when the war began]

Summary: One-shot. AU-ish. What if there was no rescue, no bombardment of Stratton Prison, no escape? 12 moments from Ellie's last week on death row.

Disclaimer: The Tomorrow Series and its characters belong to John Marsden.

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(EDIT) NOTES: I would like to ask if anyone has any ideas for what I can/ should try to write next.