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15 February 2015 @ 01:00 am
Title: You are the loneliest number
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,858
Warnings: Spoilers for Book 1, drowning and blood.
Summary: On a lonely beach, Korra faces her demons. Spirit World-esque. A metaphor for dealing with inner pain. Takes place before Korra returns to Republic City in Book 4. Written for Korra Appreciation Week.

Korra sees someone rising out of the incoming waves, chain coiled around her arm like a bracelet, eyes blooming in the dark.Collapse )

Notes: For A. Who's been through a lot of shit together with me. What matters most is we survived.
13 February 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Title: Long Exposure
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,126
Spoilers: For the entire Tomorrow Series and the Ellie Chronicles
Disclaimer: The Tomorrow Series and its characters belong to John Marsden.
Summary: One-shot. On the seventh anniversary of the war's end, a photographer documents how lives have moved on. Or not.

You press the shutter. In the image, you see a conscript, shirt parted to reveal your collarbone like a coat-hanger, staring with the weariness of a never-ending war.Collapse )

Notes: This is a very old short story that was written in January 2012 for the tomorrow_fans community on LJ, as part of my three fics per fandom promise. (Fun fact: 2 out of 3 of my TBTWB fics are about photography). Sorry I took so long to upload this!
23 July 2013 @ 05:13 pm
Title: Magnificat
Characters: Clarice & Miata, with a cameo by Father Vincent
Rating: T
Word Count: 502
Warnings: Biblical references that may not be up your alley. Spoilers for manga chapters 138-140.
Summary: Clarice prepares Miata for battle as Rabona falls.

A low thump rattles the cathedral, raising dust, toppling candles burnt into totems of wax. Someone says the wall has been breached. Miata claws at Clarice’s arms.Collapse )

Notes: Written for the Claymore Short Story Project on Tumblr. 
25 August 2012 @ 02:18 am
Title: Gymnastics
Characters: Yoruichi and Sui Feng
Rating: T
Word Count: 887
Warnings: Some F/F. Spoilers for the Soul Society and Winter War arc.

Summary: You mount, twist, bend over backwards, fall and get up again - Yoruichi and Sui Feng in ten movements.

Yoruichi sees her every night, practicing....her body rebelling against gravity, legs scissoring with each bounding step as if cleaving through shadowsCollapse )

NOTES: It took a long time to write this. The inspiration for this idea came about during the Olympics: in particular, watching the mentor-student friendship between Russian gymnasts Alinya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova. Or maybe I was just reading too much into things. But from that came every gymnastics metaphor required for this.
24 July 2012 @ 11:49 pm
Title: The fall of Damascus
Characters: Unnamed Shinigami
Rating: Probably T
Word Count: 129

Summary: A Shinigami cleans up in the aftermath of war in Damascus in modern-day Syria

So his blade churns through them like meat/ a haloed steam/ a rush of departureCollapse )

Notes: I was reading the news and thinking about lye_tea's prompt. And this is what happened.
13 July 2012 @ 01:52 am
Title: Breakers
Characters: Mainly Tatsuki, with the rest of the Karakura High School gang. Implied Rukia/ Ichigo 
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied sex
Word Count: 1,110
Summary: Over three summers, Tatsuki defines her relationship with Ichigo. 

She feels the pressure of Ichigo’s thigh against hers, at the part of her leg where her shorts have bunched upCollapse )

Title: My Heart is a weapon the size of your photograph (1/2)
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,183 (part 2) & 4,138 (total)

Summary: Speculative fiction/ urban fantasy. A life for a war. A photograph for a friend. Just before he ends his National Service, Navin is sent to the rebels to negotiate for the release of a fellow servicewoman. But with the war still raging, all he has to give him hope is a photograph she gave him years ago. 

[Read Part 1]

Her hair is tucked into braids peeking out from the back of her peak cap. She holds a bouquet of blood red roses.Collapse )

NOTES: This short story was prompted by a short, sad episode. It was fun writing about NS again, even though this story is more wistful fantasy than reality. (For the record, if my country's female population had to serve national service, I don't doubt they will outperform the males in terms of physical endurance, achievement and meeting the mark when they are called to it).

Glossary of 'uniquely Singaporean' terms usedCollapse )